Vegan or Not. Is it a Question ?

To Be Vegan or Not To Be!!

Yeah right something to dig right into, I know you all are reading this to see who wins the fight a Vegan or a Non Vegan, well before you start reading this, me myself am not a Vegan nor a Vegetarian but, I will try to keep this post as neutral as possible.

Personally I believe,
Vegan or not it’s your choice, don’t force it on yourself nor on others – BBF

You all must of come across an Vegan argument at least once in this past couple of years, that’s how new it is and how fast its growing, the talk usually begins with an environmental factor, then how natural resources are depleting, I get that and even the person sitting opposite to you agrees it but, this is my choice right ? I don’t get to choose what I need to eat anymore ? is that’s how it is ? No, it shouldn’t right.

Let me show you an understanding of a recent post which came to me in my FB page and how it inspired me write this post, just look at the below image,


Now observe the image on the left, it says 100g of Beans has 22g of Protein now look at the image on the right side, from an independent calorie measuring site, 100g of Beans has no more than 6.56g of Protein, what am trying to tell you is don’t go by false advertising its not going to help, I did a lot of research after I saw that post on my wall and came across so many false advertisments and articles on both sides.

Now this article for instance it talks about how grass fed beef helps in improving biodiversity Natural Grass Fed Beef see if you find something out of order, I read it and understood how the natural cycle works. So, the point Vegan or Not its your choice, don’t believe everything what you hear or see there is more to it that meets the eye, corporate companies are trying to rip you off someway or the other and this one big market for them, don’t become a campaigner for them.

Vegan Diet

This is another topic in which people are being motivated to take up Veganism. No, being Vegan is not a Diet, no dietary method tells you be completely Vegan, no dietitian will recommend this way, it won’t help, it won’t fulfill the need of getting into a diet. Any proper Diet will involve natural Protein and Fat intake and a balance meal in any diet will have meat and veg on proportional scale.

Proper Dieat.jpg

So, being Vegan is just a CHOICE of ones life to represent their contribution towards the environment, it is not a Diet option and definitely not something to be imposed on others and nor on your self, make sure you think twice, know what you can consume based on where you live and it has to be affordable, respect the choice of your friend, brother, sister, etc, if he/she feels what they are doing is good for the environment, let them do it!! right or wrong they will realize.

I don’t mean to offend or disrupt anyone of their followings or ideals, this post is for those who are good at heart and trying to decide to chose a side which would best suit for the environment around them, this is just a small grain of salt to the broth, think it over.

Eat good you all…

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