Meen Kozhumbu (Fish Curry)

A staple dish hailing from the southern parts  of India!!

Have you ever experienced fresh aromatic, spicy and a festival of tastes when you had something really that great of a dish!!! You know what I have and had the chance to revisit that experience almost through out my life. I come from the southern region of India, Tamizh Nadu (Tamil Nadu) my city (Chennai) is by the East Coast of the state and fish was the staple of everyday living, though by time it was not easy to have fish every other day but, yes I have had a handful of time to experience it.

Nearly every other corner on the East part of the city you would find a local food kart serving, Rice with Fish Curry and Fried Fish,

Image courtesy “Sundari Akka Kadai” (#sundariakkakadai) a famous local food kart serving lunch on the beach.

The Fish curry is so good, rich in taste we the people of the city #Chennai are made for it. As I grew up I needed to learn how to make the curry so I could enjoy it when ever I wanted, so here’s the recipe,

Serves 4
Start by, cleaning, remove tail, scales and if possible deboned 4 big slices of fish your choice, preferably salt water fish (my favorite Snapper, Seer or White Mullet) and keep aside,

  • 2 Coconuts (Finely Chopped or Grinned into Milk)
  • 3 Onions
  • 4 Tomato’s
  • Fenugreek leaves
  • Cumin Powder
  • Get them all into a mixing jar and grind them to a paste and keep aside.
  • Then, take a medium size pot preheat at medium flame then add the following,
  • 3 tablespoon of Oil (Olive or Sunflower Oil)
  • Mustard Seeds (1 Teaspoon)
  • Curry leaves
  • Garlic 4 or 5 cloves (Just pealed and crushed)
  • Let everything start to crackle, you will smell the tastes getting released from the garlic then add,
  • Green Chili (With or with out the seeds depending on how Hot you want)
  • Turmeric (Half teaspoon)
  • Garam Masala (Mild one) then add the paste we made at the beginning and finish Salt (depends on how much you prefer) and close the lid for 30 Mins at medium flame,

After 30 mins, add the fish with 200 ML of Fish Stock again close the lid for 30 mins, once done you will see the oil getting getting released from the fish on the surface, stir slowly to mix the oil, that’s where the taste comes from, squeeze a lemon and throw in some fresh chopped parsley.

Voila it’s done,

Something like this (Image Courtesy-

I know it looks a long process but, take time, show some love am sure you won’t regret it.

I tried to put this as simple and easy as possible, please excuse if it is not legible, if you do try it, let me know how it was.

Eat good..

Yours always,

Big Bad Foodie.

Fillet it, Fry it, Sushi it!!!

The best choice of Meat 365 Days & the best source of Protein & Omega-3 Fatty acids!!

Yes, you heard it right it is the best choice all around the year for a healthy life style, they come in all size and shape, vary taste from sea to river, can be eaten semi-raw in the form of Sushi (My preferable way) can be Filleted for Pan fry, grilled, or just boil it break it down and have it with a green salad, all taste so much great!!! Am here today to talk about the choice of fish food available in the local market which most of us ignore, even restaurants can try and see how it would help them elevate their presence…

Choice of Fish!!

You know there is a perception that only few fish are considered a delicacy and are a better option when it comes to the choice of Fish, it is WRONG !!

Salmon (Alaskan) // COD // Herring // Mahi Mahi // Mackerel // Perch // Trout // Striped Base // Tuna // Pollock and a few more as far as I’ve read it and seen it right.

Its like these fish options are the only suitable meat to try and are treated elite in class, they all taste good I accept that but, the Ocean is Vast there are tones of other options to chose from, people have to explore a bit more to learn about other fish options which are in their reach and taste just as good as any other fish !!! this only makes Fish available for everyone and not just for the fancy…

Let me give a small list of viable options (Mostly from the Indian & Pacific Oceans)

Red & Yellow Snapper // Black & White Pomfret // Bengal Carp // Malabar Anchovy // White Mullet // Seer and these are just the tip of the ice burg, there are lot which can explored and tried…

Nutrition Facts:-

Red Snapper
Snapper: Fillet 170g (Serving 1)  Protein: 45g /Potassium: 887mg/Total Fat: 2.9g

Pomfret, White Pomfret
Pomfret: Whole Fish (Serving 1): Protein : 18.8g/ Potassium : 430mg/ Total Fat : 2.6g

Carp, Bengal Carp, Katla
Carp: Fillet 170g (Serving 1): Protein : 38.9g/ Potassium : 726mg/ Total Fat : 12.2g

Mullet, White Mullet
White Mullet: Fillet 100g (Serving 1):Protein : 19g/ Potassium : 357mg/ Total Fat : 3.8g

Anchovy, Malabar Anchovy, Nethili
Malabar Anchovy: Anchovy 4g (Serving 1): Protein : 1.2g/ Potassium : 22mg/ Total Fat : 0.4g

Seer, Vanjaram
Seer (Vanjaram): Fillet 100g (Serving 1)1: Protein : 24g/ Potassium : 502g/ Total Fat : 15g


Well hopefully you liked this thought through choices and its benefits, I will post another article on some beautiful recipes with these type of fishes, wait for it 😉

Stay healthy, until next time.

Note: The variety of Fish showcased here are widely available and being used in India, the article is to suggest other countries to try them.

Big Bad Foodie.

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